At Pretty Public, our goal is to give readers access to insight from experts and on-point information that can be implemented into real life. We feel pretty inspired every time we meet someone who compels us to ask questions. Our objective is to make the information collected from genius beauty and health guru’s, public. We believe beauty encompasses not only cosmetics, trends and other gadgets, but the body and mind too. The interviews and features on our site capture the most useful insider info. Read it now, use it today.

Pretty Public Beauty

Pretty Public Beauty was created out of a desire for organic, clean body products that are packaged beautifully and smell delicious. With great care and integrity, we have created a small collection of organic, clean, chemical-free body products and allow our bodies and planet to flourish.



Devin Giannoni/ Founder + Creative Director

Devin began her career at Sony Pictures, where she was likely to be found in hair and makeup looking through products while on set. For almost a decade she worked at successfully communicating brand messages to national media for artists, entertainers, chefs, doctors and major beauty companies (hi, Aveda). She founded Pretty Public after meeting many beauty innovators, wellness experts and influencer’s along the way, who had incredible stories to share.

She is a graduate of UCLA and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell.




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