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Devin Giannoni/ Founder + Creative Director

Devin began her career at Sony Pictures working on a hit television show. She worked directly with a celebrity chef hired to prepare organic and minimally processed meals for the lead actors. She become familiar with the undeniable influence that specific foods have on one’s appearance and overall health. Moving to public relations, she communicated brand messages to media for major beauty companies (hi, Aveda), doctors, chefs, fitness trainers, A-list entertainers and artists. She founded Pretty Public after meeting so many beauty innovators and wellness experts along the way.

She is certified in Botantical Body Care by the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, and holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell. She’s a graduate of UCLA.



Dani Federico, M.P.H/ Wellness
Dani combines her knowledge of Western medicine with her expertise in preventative and natural health. She’s provided continuing education to physicians and medical personnel regarding new therapies, studies and treatments for chronic diseases. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, she holds a Master’s in Public Health and a B.A with a concentration in Human Health. She offers one-on-one counseling and personal training to clients, and is the author of the book Mommy Fabulous, the ultimate guide for women navigating changes pre- and post-partum.

Eugenie Samuel, Consulting Chef
An A-list actor’s personal chef and nutrition consultant for almost a decade, Eugenie creates healthy, practical dietary protocols tailored to her clients’ unique needs. She’s a nutrition coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a chef and holistic nutritionist, she implements a wide variety of healing and supportive dietary therapies that address everything from weight-loss to health issues. Did we mention her recipes are amazing?


Pretty Public Body

Mindful. Clean. Bodycare. Pretty Public bodycare is made of the purest salts and sugars, natural botantical fine clays, top-tier oils + 100% pure essential oils. The products are packaged beautifully, smell delicious and deliver results. Each product is designed with specific benefits to exfoliate, strengthen and hydrate the skin. With great care and integrity, we have created a small collection of organic, all-natural and chemical-free body products that allow our bodies and planet to flourish.
Pretty Public bodycare product photography by Julia Lanotte.A



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