The Holistic Approach To Evan Healy's Skincare

If you want to start incorporating all-natural skincare into your routine, Whole Food Markets Whole Body department is an excellent place to start.

Evan Healy, the creator of evanhealy skincare, is an aesthetician who uses a holistic approach to make products that allow the skin to breathe. She believes “the less you interfere with the skins natural ability to achieve balance, the better.”

Many natural products contain oil, but not to worry, a small amount of oil can actually slow down the sebaceous gland’s production of oil. In a homeopathic sense, you are treating like with like.

Our 5 favorite products in the line:

Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk:

  • Goes on like a dream and thoroughly cleanses, removes makeup, draws impurities out of tiny dermal pores leaving the skin clean and refreshed.
  • We use this in the morning as a gentle cleanser.
  • Has great hydrating properties and smells fab.

Thyme Lemon Facial Tonic Hydrosoul:

  • Minimizes appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil, hydrates and tones the skin.
  • 100% fresh plant water and nothing else.
  • Clears skin without drying it out and throwing it off balance.

Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid:

  • A lightweight daily moisturizing treatment that combats aging.
  • The argan ingredient in this product, with a high percentage of vitamin E, helps to heal skin, reduce signs of aging, destroy free radicals and fight oxidation.

Pomegranate Repair Serum:

  • A daily treatment that restores radiance, tone and suppleness to sun-damaged, delicate, and/or dehydrated skin.
  • It’s visible healing effect on mature and aging skin, hyper-pigmented skin, dry and cracked skin, irritated, sun-damaged and sunburned skin is remarkable.
  • Pair this with the Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid for a powerful antioxidant duo.

Sweet Blossom Hydrating Body Oil:

  • Scented with the clean, fresh fragrance of petitgrain leaf, layered with sweet neroli blossoms, ylang ylang and balanced with frankincense.
  • Use after showering to eliminate dry, dehydrated skin caused by environmental conditions.
  • It absorbs very quickly, so you can get on with getting ready.

Evan Healy On Her Line And The Truth About Parabens


Evan: I created the Rose and Blue Treatment lines in response to the skin conditions I see most as a holistic aesthetician. The first is irritated, red, and sensitive skin. The second is skin that is out of balance – as exhibited by the classic oily T-zone with the outlying areas of the face being too dry.

In general, either line will restore your skin to a more vibrant, healthy and balanced condition. Trust your sense of smell to help you determine which one is right for you.

We do not warehouse our products. Rather we make them fresh by hand every month. Each batch is numbered and dated with an unopened shelf life of one to two years. The Rosehip Oil contains no preservatives, which is why I sell it in small sizes with a pump top. That way it doesn’t need to be opened every time you use it. Once opened, I recommend using all my products within 4 to 6 months. If stored away from heat and light they will maintain their fresh vitality.

I don’t believe in dissolving the epidermal layer of the skin. The epidermal layer is there for a reason. Our skin has many crucial jobs to perform. As the first line of defense, the skin exhibits awareness and sensitivity. It has a protective ability, and is always changing and adapting to your environment. It is a barrier against germs, prevents the loss of fluids and regulates body temperature. Use of acid peels weakens the skin’s ability to defend itself.

However there is a safe and easy alternative. The natural alternative is a clay mask treatment. Clay will maintain and respect the integrity of the skin, while drawing toxins and dead skin cells out of tiny dermal pores.

We don’t use parabens, phenonip, or any synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients. Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives in food and cosmetic products. This class of chemicals is also known as esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. Some common names include methylparaben,propylparaben, butylparaben & ethylparaben.

In a study, entitled “Concentrations of Parabens in Human Breast Tumors,” published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology 24, 5 – 13 (2004), parabens were linked with breast cancer. In this study, researchers looked at breast tumors and found parabens in eighteen of the twenty samples. It is the first time parabens were detected within tumors, suggesting that chemicals accumulate in the breast tissue and are being absorbed through the skin.

Repeated exposure to industrial chemicals from many different sources on a daily basis, including cosmetics and personal care products such as the daily use of an underarm roll-on deodorant, are believed to contribute to the build up of toxins in the body. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and absorbs whatever is applied to it. You can become an informed consumer by familiarizing yourself with the ingredients listed on your skin-care products. Reputable companies will offer full disclosure of ingredients in descending order. Ask the company to explain any ambiguities in their labels.

Evan Healy is a holistic aesthetician, a recognized pioneer and skincare educator who has worked in the natural personal care industry for over 25 years. Information and photos provided by evanhealy skincare.