The 8 Hottest Products From Hollywood's Makeup Mecca

The origins of Naimie’s Beauty Center go all the way back to the 1950’s and the movie Ben-Hur. That’s when a large order of makeup and other beauty supplies were delivered to the movie set and a realization occurred that there was an opportunity for the makeup business to make magic in movies.

Naimie’s is open to the public, but the majority of the customers are makeup artists and hair stylists who work in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, Broadway and around the world. When working in other countries, these artists come across new products and tell Naimie’s about them. If it’s something interesting, the store contacts the makers and brings in the product. They were one of the first retailers to carry MAC. In fact, the creators of the brand did some of their market research through Naimie’s professional makeup artist customers.

Hillary, a makeup artist and beauty adviser at Naimie’s for over seven years, led us through the vast store and showed off some of her fave products that makeup artists love. 

Beauty Picks at Naimie’s

Lime Crime Lipstick: “This niche brand, Lime Crime, has amazing lipstick shades. They are loaded with pigment. Fun colors. These are jammin’.”

Lorac Pro Palette: “I love this Lorac palette. It contains 16 different colors. It has all your shimmer eye shadows on one side and all your matte eye shadows on the other. You can create a lot of looks with this one palette. This is cool, because these colors are a complete eye shadow wardrobe. You can wear a lot of these everyday and use the darker colors at night. If you’re going away on a trip you can just throw this in your bag with some foundation, blush and mascara. It’s a good gift too. Lorac makes great quality shadows, the pigments and staying-power are amazing. It also comes with a small Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.”

Girlactik Loose Sparkle Single: “These are gorgeous sparkle shadows. A lot of celebrity makeup artists use these on the red carpet. You can also apply these as an eyeliner, which creates a cool effect. They are very finely milled sparkles so the result is a very beautiful glamorous look. You need to apply the Girlactik Pearl Base Shadow first, so the sparkle has something to grab onto. The base with one of the sparkle shadows is around $27.”

Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector: “Lise Watier is a cosmetic line out of Montreal and artist’s love it here. This is their Portfolio Corrector; it gives you five colors designed to conceal under-eye circles, imperfections and redness. Green is great for counteracting red and the purple is for brightening. The formula contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C, so it’s nourishing for the delicate skin under the eyes.”

Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliner in Black: “People swear by this Waterproof Eyeliner. It is always selling out. It’s waterproof, so it stays put in the waterline of your bottom inner rim. ‘Noir Intense’ is the blackest black in the line. A great staple.” 

Bdellium Brushes: “These brushes rival any expensive brand. I see artists buying these all the time. They are pretty much an industry favorite. Get the Basic 7 Piece Brush Set with Roll-Up Pouch if you are just starting to build your brushes or if you want to replace your old brushes. It has everything for the face and eyes for $55. It works out to be about $7 a brush and these are high quality brushes that last.”

“Another essential one to add to your brushes is #955 Studio Finishing Brush. It’s $18 and perfect for any powders. It’s a great one to have in your makeup tools.”

ERA Beauty Face Spray On Foundation: “This is a aerosol oil-free foundation that is waterproof and doesn’t come off on clothes. It’s made for the face, but it’s great on any part of the body. If you have a wedding you can easily cover anything on your shoulders or chest. If you want to give your legs some color, Era Beauty Airbrush Foundation is the stuff to use. It covers veins, bruises, freckles, anything and will even out your skin tone.

Skin Authority Brightening Serum: “This serum works wonders. It uses all natural ingredients and contains no hydroquinone. It’s even safe to use while pregnant or nursing. This works on dark spots, sun damage and on hormonal skin. It’s a really effective product and it doesn’t break the bank.” 

Naimie’s is located at 12640 Riverside Drive, Valley Village, CA 91607. They ship throughout the United States and to Canada. For more information and to order products visit