Beauty Backstage at the Emmy® Awards Governors Ball

Every year, after all the red carpet hoopla and Emmy Awards are handed out, there is a decadent celebration, the Governors Ball, that is put on by the board of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The very talented people at Sequoia Productions spun a gorgeous atmosphere playing with this year’s theme, “A Romantic Rhapsody in Red.” The space in the Los Angeles Convention Center was completely transformed and DINAIR Airbrush Makeup was tapped to create glamorous makeup and hair looks on the singing groups, horn players and violinists’ performing at the official Emmy dinner party. Dina took, Devin Giannoni, behind the scenes to check-out all the magic, tricks and fun that go into one of the biggest nights in television, and Dina provides tips for your own “red carpet” makeup moment.


DINAIR crew sets up an entire pop-up makeup and hair studio in the Los Angeles Convention Center in a corner section of the West Hall.

Old Hollywood is mixed with new & modern to create original looks. Dina, a skilled hairstylist, as well as legendary Hollywood makeup artist, selected vintage hairpieces from her private collection, which were dyed, prepped and styled.

Snapshots of the performers are attached to each hair piece to keep things organized. The hairpieces are from the 1960’s.

Each work station was set-up the day prior. Tools and products are arranged and ready to go. The Dinair airbrush compressor and Spraybrush will create the entire makeup looks from foundation to eyeliner, to brows and lips.

Duo Eyelash Glue is an industry favorite because it’s the only glue that keeps lashes on while being gentle on your own. Seen here in “dark tone,” which sets and blends easily with black eyeliner.

“Hair Bling” is available to amp up any of the finished looks with some extra sparkle. CHI Infra Texture Hairspray is on hand to provide hold and shine.

Performers arrive and makeup artists begin. The black drapes in the background conceal one side of the 5,350 square foot space that is being transformed into the Governors Ball.


A giant rose-shaped sculpture is being constructed on the ceiling that will hang above 3,800 invited guests. A staff of about 1,200 will serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres to 380 guest tables covered with red silky linens.

While backstage, Lynette Rasco, a killer makeup artist on the Dinair team, who got her start in makeup at age 10, (her dad was a successful magician who toured all over the world) works her magic on Devin.

Lynette applied DINAIR Glamour foundation in Honey Beige, Vanilla to highlight, Nutmeg to contour and blush in Peach Pink. Lynette topped everything off with shimmer in Light Bronze and finished the look with Serge Lutens new mascara.


Glamorous looks are completed by DINAIR on 23 performers and the finishing touches are added to the Governors Ball dinner tables.



Dramatic, elegant and classic…the space at the Los Angeles Convention Center is transformed into “A Romantic Rhapsody in Red.”

The Grey Goose ice bar with rose petals in the ice! It’s all in the details.


Q. Why was DINAIR selected to do the makeup for the Governors Ball?

A. “Well, they liked us very much last year. For the Governors Ball last year we did 190 people in one hour and the makeup lasted all night. It lasts and it’s glamorous. We were thrilled to do it again!”

Q. What was the inspiration for color in these looks?

A. “Romantic and glamorous. It’s the old Hollywood meets the new. The vintage hair pieces were mixed with modern makeup.”

Q. What are tips for creating dramatic special event makeup?

A. “Punch it up. Do a smokey eye. Layer the makeup. When you would normally stop, do a second pass over the eye makeup. Going back over the eyes one more time will create more drama. Add shimmer right below the brows and to the cheeks.”

Q. Contouring is a important trick in photos, what is the easiest way to achieve good contouring?

A. “Suck in your cheeks and follow that line with a color that is two shades darker than your foundation, starting from the top of the ear down the side of the cheek. This will contour the cheeks and bring out bone structure in the middle of the face. To slim down the neck, which is a great trick, use your darker shade on the the sides of the neck. To create a stronger jawline, use the darker shade right along the edge of your chin. If you have a large forehead and want to create the illusion of a smaller forehead, shade along your hairline and blend out.”

Q. A lot of preparation goes into getting red carpet ready. What are the extra things an artist does for special occasions?

A. “Everything! We use our makeup to cover roots or spots where the scalp is lighter. If someone has their hair parted and the scalp is too white, we use makeup to soften it, which looks better in photos. Body makeup is a big one too. Bruises, scars or flaws are all covered over. We had a whole Body Makeup Station at the Emmy’s. We camouflaged tan lines and fixed uneven pigmentation on the legs…if the legs are bare, they are completely covered in makeup to create a flawless appearance on the carpet, but it has to be makeup that doesn’t get on the dress. And false lashes really make a huge difference, sometimes we do two sets of false lashes on a person. Back when, we use to do four sets of fake lashes on the legendary Peggy Lee!”

Q. The performers makeup stayed fresh all night. What is the technology behind DINAIR that creates such long lasting makeup?

A. “The makeup sprays in pixels, so your natural skin is showing through. It allows you to naturally perspire, to cool off while being waterproof and sweat-proof. Under any light it renders natural looking skin. The makeup was designed for showbiz and high-quality wear for people on the go. It takes out what we don’t want and leaves the rest.”