A 3-Month Beauty Prep Guide For Brides

L.A. makeup artist, Jacey Kassabian specializes in event makeup and body treatments for brides and beauty queens. Her biggest business is brides, so over the years she has developed a foolproof timeline to follow when preparing for a special day. They say beauty is pain, but it’s also a whole lot of planning.

Her beauty prep guidelines can be used before any big event. So, whether it be a wedding, reunion or a milestone birthday, Jacey has a few tips (starting 3 months out from the date) so you can prep like a beauty queen.

A 3-Month Preparation Guide


You want to plan at least two facials leading up to your special event.

  1. The 1st facial should be 3 months prior to the date.
  2. The 2nd should be 1 1/2 months out from the date, in order to hydrate and help clear out any acne.

Eye Cream:

You need to begin using a good eye cream every night, 3 months out from the date. Odacite is a good one. It’s organic and it contains aloe vera instead of water. It’s phenomenal. Your eye cream needs to be used every single night leading up to the event. Darkness and dehydration under the eyes is a killer in photos.

Makeup Trial Run:

Do a trial run of your makeup a week before and note any changes you want to make or cosmetics you need to purchase. We do an average of 6 to 8 makeup trial runs each week. Buy an anti-shine product and/or a line filler if you need it because it will make a huge difference in your finished look. It’s also great to use a shine-free product on the eyelids. Take into account if you are going to tan. Your skintone on your face should match your neck, chest and ears.


Every woman should use a highlighter for a special event. Use a highlighter under the eyes, in addition to a concealer.


  • Use an orange highlighter for dark circles because it counteracts blue.


  • Use a yellow highlighter to counteract red blotchy undertones.


An airbrush tan should take place two days before the date. I usually tan people using a dark formula because it evens out the skin completely. On 90% of special event clients I use a dark formula.

Injections and Lasers:

One month or more out from the special date. No Botox (*botox is a toxin), fillers or laser treatments should be done within one month of the event because of the chance of redness, swelling and bruising.

Jacey Kassabian has been a celebrity makeup artist and lash extensionist for over a decade. She has pampered the faces of brides, beauty queens, models, actresses, and politicians.