Ashley Borden: Her Top 3 Exercises To Combat Computer Desk Body & Cellulite

Ashley, (who has worked with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling), is a lot like a master sculptor, she reshapes, molds and perfects figures. She uses her own techniques, including a method she developed that, when added to regular workouts, can help muscles work at their peak during exercise.

To implement her workout (you can do it at home), you only need a handful of fitness accessories she mentions below.

Interview with Ashley Borden:

Do you have a method for the improvements you achieve on people’s bodies or is each person approached differently?

A. I take everyone through the same bio-mechanic assessment and, based on those results, I tailor everyone’s program to their body’s individual weaknesses and strengths.

When we met you, you took an assessment of our posture. Why is posture so important to attaining a great figure?

A. Posture is crucial to an aesthetically pleasing figure because of symmetry. An upright chest gives the look of a longer waist, makes the shoulders look broader and projects overall confidence. But more than aesthetics, posture is critical for proper health and optimal bio-mechanics.

What is myo-fascial release and why does it change the body so dramatically?

A. The Myofascial System is a superficial fascia, (a thin sheath of silvery tissue) that wraps the outer surface of your muscles and around individual muscle fibers. For various reasons including prolonged inactivity, repetitive motion and injuries, the fascia and underlying muscle tissue can bind together, causing painful ‘knots’ or ‘trigger points’ that restrict movement, reduce flexibility and cause muscles to fire improperly during exercise.

“Consistency with rolling out is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and function of your body.”

“Rolling out” (using a foam or pvc roller) stretches muscles and tendons and releases the fascia. This increases blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues, allowing muscles to fire at peak efficiency during exercise. Rolling out warms up the muscles and increases flexibility by breaking down adhesions between muscle fibers and allowing more blood to pump through your body, thereby increasing your metabolic rate.

Is it really possible to get rid of cellulite and what is the way to do it?

A. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Roll out your I.T. Bands on a foam roller. I’ve seen the change first hand on many, many women.

After menopause, many women lose elasticity in their skin. Is there way to combat this? And for the women not there yet, what can they do to avoid it?

A. As women age, they need to weight train. More muscle mass means firmer skin, stronger body, denser bones and a higher metabolism.

You often incorporate a rebounder (mini trampoline) when training people. How does it differ from traditional cardio?

A. 10 minutes of rebounding can be as effective as 20 minutes of moderate cardiovascular training. You need just a couple of minutes on the rebounder to get your cardiovascular system to kick-in. Rebounding is excellent for the lymphatic system and offers minimal wear and tear on the joints and ligaments.

What’s the biggest thing women are missing in their diets that’s stopping them from reaching their fitness goals?

A. EFA’S – Essential Fatty Acids – a lot of women still live in 1987 and think fat is bad for you. These are building blocks for cardio vascular health, brain function, lean muscle tissue, muscle repair, moisturized skin and digestion.

What is “computer body” and what can people do throughout the day or during their workouts to counteract it?

A. “Computer Body” is a syndrome I see commonly today from too much sitting at the computer. It’s forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, flabby glutes, wide hips and a pooch in the lower belly.

My top 3 exercises for combating “computer body”:

1. Any type of rowing motion (seated row, standing row, lat pull downs, dumbbell rows etc)

2. Plank (on the knees, legs extended, top of a push up plank and feet on the stability ball plank)

3. Reverse lunges holding dumbbells at your shoulders.

What are 5 products you swear by?

Mini Bands – green, blue and yellow – for activating glutes and hips

Flora Udo’s Oil (see Essential Fatty Acid’s above)

Backjoy – Sitting destroys the body – this helps with posture and “computer body,” it keeps abdominals engaged wherever I am.

The Bellicon Rebounder

Rumble Roller – Great for rolling out, as we talked about above, takes rolling out to the next level because it includes trigger point therapy. If you’re a newbie, start with the basic foam roller.


Ashley Borden’s unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles, transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic training program – making her one of the most sought-after experts in her field.