Diane Hibbard: Burke Williams Spa Director On Seasonal Skincare

Summer is a time for less makeup and less clothes, which makes beautiful skin the best accessory during the season.

We tapped Diane Hubbard, the Skincare Director of Burke Williams Day Spa; the company has nine luxury spas throughout California, to school us on seasonal skincare. She specializes in glowing skin and shared invaluable information.


What is the minimum number of facials needed, for someone with good skin, to see results?

A. Good skin has many definitions. If you are just looking for that added glow, but have no underlying conditions that you need to treat and no concerns with premature aging or deep wrinkling, every 4-6 weeks depending on your age. That’s great for keeping the pores clean, minimizing blackheads, increasing cell turnover, etc. Most guests, even those who would describe their skin as “good,” are still looking for marked improvement in specific areas, such as wrinkle reduction, cleaner or more refined pores, dark spots, etc. When looking for a change, you want to treat cells as soon as they arrive at the surface for the best result. Any facial requiring progressive treatments should be done exactly to manufacturer’s recommendation, in order to see results. An example, if your esthetician recommends you receive a series of six anti-aging facials 3 weeks apart, for maximum results, extending your treatments past that will diminish the overall benefit. The skin on your face and body has an individual cell turnover rate based on your age, lifestyle, water intake, etc. It can range from 30-45 days on average, so the longer the cells remain on the skin, the more damaged they can appear. A professional esthetician can make a personal recommendation for you based on your individual needs. Regular facials offer better results when coupled with effective home care. If you lack a good home care routine, the damage your own habits create may cause short lived results.

“A professional treatment can be rendered ineffective if your home care is so stripping or damaging that it removes the results.”

What’s the best way to get radiant skin for summer?

A. I love summer for collagen building and stem cell activating treatments. Treatments that strip the skin raise the potential for sun damage during warm months. Exfoliation is great year round, but best done in less aggressive methods in summer months. Treatments that deeply peel or exfoliate the skin can make the lower layers more photosensitive and prone to pigmentation.

SPF 30 or stronger should always be used to minimize the possibility of photo damage. Treatments that pack the skin with collagen boosting actives like ascorbic acid in vitamin C and products designed to infuse the skin with stem cell activators or hydration, are best for glowing summer skin. The sun and other factors contribute to dryer summer skin and extra dehydration. The result can be dull and lifeless. Water, water, water and hyaluronic acid will always do the trick! H2V Moisture Enhance, Youth Cell Activator or Triple C Serum are perfect!

What are good do-it-yourself home treatments?

A. Home care has come a long way! The best do-it-yourself treatments come from cosmeceutical grade products/brands. Cosmetic lines like Lancome, MAC and L’OREAL will be more focused on style vs. function. In my research, I have been fascinated by the lack of active ingredients in lines produced by this category of brands. Often times marketing strategies are used to hook people when they have things like acrylic (like your nails) in their products to fill lines for a physical appearance of improved skin without the long term ability to change anything underneath, so you’re just be putting on a daily “band-aid” of sorts. Other lines may have great marketing but also lack results, formulating products on the line of a lotion for your legs and spinning it into something you should buy for the face. Cosmeceutical grade products are designed to combine your home care formulations with active ingredients to truly change your skin.

“Masks from many lines are great at-home treatments and are often overlooked by the consumer.”

A great mask only needs 5 minutes to work, skip the cucumbers and steamy shower, just put it on while your doing the dishes. I love clay masks with a physical scrub inside, like H2V Buff Exfoliant or GlamGlow Youthmud. You get the benefit of exfoliation by scrubbing them on the skin and then leave it on for a great clay mask that pulls impurities from deep within the skin. The tightening effect as it dries also constricts the pores and fine lines for smooth skin!

What are your makeup recommendations during the summer?

A. Tinted moisturizers are the best! Some tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara and a good coral or peach lip gloss always look amazing in the summer. If you are prone to breakouts, steer clear of too much physical sunscreen like those found in a lot of mineral products. They can block oxygen from hitting the pores causing breakouts. I love mixing my loose powder or my own foundation with my SPF 30 to make my own custom formula without wasting money on an additional product.

“For a more matte finish, try a translucent powder over a tinted moisturizer rather than compact or loose tinted powder. The extra perspiration and sun exposure can oxidize the color or cause clumping, making you look not as fresh.” 

What is the philosophy behind the H2V skincare line, and what product have you seen people use that makes you say, “Wow!” ?

A. H2V is about combining proven scientific ingredients that create lasting results with naturals for a beautiful outcome. I believe natural, organic, or scientific ingredients should be viewed from a performance standard rather than a person opinion or philosophy. I know there are many naturals out there that can create great results, especially moisture like calendula, which is found in our Quench Moisturize Cream. I also know that you may need to use something stronger if you are treating a real issue, like pigmentation, which is why we choose to include hydrocortisone in our Erase for the proven benefits of the OTC ingredient to lighten surface pigmentation. Our most dramatic perceived result to date is the new Youth Cell Activator Stem Cell Treatment. It is amazing for wrinkles and skin smoothing, many women even comment on needing less botox treatments they are so impressed.


How does the Mexican bamboo and Japanese knotwood in the Youth Activator generate a person’s own human stem cells?

A. They work by penetrating the skin and activating a group of proteins known as SIRT proteins. These proteins are directly related to the cell building process, especially for your skin cells. By activating them, you get better initial cell production, causing a healthier cell to pass through the layers to the surface. This healthy cell can better retain its collagen, elastin and moisture as it moves to the surface. These key components are what deplete in the cell, causing it to flatten and dry, resulting in wrinkling and loss of elasticity.

What is H2V Moisture Enhance and is it best for summer or winter?

A. Moisture Enhance is good for everyone, everywhere! I can’t say enough about this valuable product.

“We never get enough water, and if we do, we expose ourselves to things that seep it from the skin, like pollution, caffeine, sun exposure, etc.”

Moisture Enhance Serum is a daily topical dose of hyaluronic acid. The fluid naturally occurs in our bodies to lubricate our joints and assist in holding our cells together. It is easily recognizable by the body and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, then it releases it as needed to your cells. For dry skin, this can be the difference in your moisturizer sitting topically and feeling greasy, only to wash your face hours later and still be dry or driving that moisture into the skin to really help your skin.

For oily skin, this is a great stand alone for water moisture in lieu of a cream.

As a gal who grew up in the O.C., what places do you love to visit in Southern California?

A. Must see…the Fullerton Trails if you love nature and being outdoors. It’s my favorite place to walk with my sons without having to worry they will hit by cars! The trails run a loop through the city, backing up to neighborhoods which makes the place great for kids and pets.

There are water fountains for drinking, bowls out for dogs, someone even plants and maintains a full vegetable and herb garden for free, help yourself to stuff! I have made amazing salsa with their tomatoes on a holiday when the stores were closed; I often pillage a little basil for pasta too. Few places amaze me like what the community has done here.

I am a north orange county girl, I think many of the great restaurants people talk about are south county but you can’t beat happy hour on the patio at Taps Fish House in Brea, it’s a pretty, fun vibe, good food. I also have a soft spot for the Twisted Vine in Fullerton, it always feels like you’re family there with great wine and food.

What are four things you swear by?

A. My husband, he is my rock and such a great dad to my boys. I don’t know how I could be successful or accomplish any of my goals without him. They say behind every good man is a great woman but the opposite is true for me. A great man is a rarity these days, so I make sure to give mine a shout out whenever I can.

Waking up before 7 am, usually by 6. The early bird really does get the worm. You’d be shocked how much you can accomplish when almost everyone else is sleeping.

Pureology Pefect 4 Platinum Shampoo & Conditioner. When you bleach your hair as often as I do, without this, it would be all gone by now.

Youth Cell Activator, I really can’t get enough of it! 

Diane Hibbards is the Skincare Director of Burke Williams spas located throughout California. For the past 13 years she has directed the training, education and management of more than 250 licensed estheticians. Diane is also involved in product research, development and formulation of the spa’s exclusive “H2V” skin-care line including 20-plus products.