My Sunday: Oprah Magazine's Former Fashion Editor Shares Her Guide To Brooklyn


Sunday, for me, is a self care day. It’s my Brooklyn day, for sure. I work in New York City, so I commute Monday through Friday. On Saturday I do a work-out class in the city, so six days a week I’m commuting. I live in Williamsburg, so on Sundays I try to stay in the neighborhood.

10 a.m. I barely make it to my yoga class, so I never eat before class, I just grab my water bottle. I go to Modo Yoga on Metropolitan. I do the Sunday class with an old friend I worked with at Oprah Magazine. It’s slightly hot yoga, about 85 degrees. It has some flow, but it’s mostly stretching. It’s more restorative. (Modo Yoga was co-founded by Sarah Neufeld of the band Arcade Fire).

After class we always go to Egg Shop – you can create your own sandwich, which I love. I usually do a biscuit with scrambled eggs, pecorino cheese and maple syrup. I also have a drink they serve called Spa Water; it’s a cucumber and vodka drink with mint, lime and simple syrup.







Then I go home, stay in my yoga clothes for awhile, and do things around the house. I’ll do laundry or go grocery shopping. I hate to cook, so I get a delivery from Daily Harvest on Thursdays. It’s smoothies and all these great frozen superfoods. On Sunday, if I go grocery shopping I’ll get stuff to fill in the gaps like peanut butter, chicken wings (which I always have in the fridge) and pickles.









Then sometimes I’ll get a pedicure at Primp and Polish on Grand Street. I like my pedicures to last about three weeks.






I always bring my own polish, so I can touch it up in between appointments. I like Jinsoon polish. I mix it up with either nudes or bright polish. I do a nude or a white one time, and next time I’ll do a really bright color.

I don’t make a ton of plans with friends the rest of the day. I just have alone time. In the evening I’ll watch Billions, or Silicon Valley, or Ballers, if the season is on. I check and respond to emails during this time to get a head start on Monday, so I’m not inundated in the morning.

During the work week I take quick showers because I’m always busy, so Sunday is the big shower. I exfoliate, shave, do my hair and all beauty things on Sunday night. I have really dry hair, so I only wash it a few times a week. Sunday is when I wash and blow out my hair or curl it. I use Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner with black cumin oil in it, and I use the masque from the same line as a leave-in conditioner.

I’ll do a face mask, it’s this awesome AmorePacific Sheet Masks I really like.

12 a.m. I always try to go to bed early on Sunday, but it never happens. Maybe it’s the Sunday blues. I don’t know, but I always end up going to bed later than on any other night. Usually midnight or 1 a.m.