Scott Barnes: The Master Behind The J.Lo Glow & The 15 Minute Face

I had the opportunity to meet with Scott Barnes in New York, at the house he was renovating at the time. His taste in his home decor was impeccable, sexy, interesting and bold just like Scott. He showed me very detailed, intricate corbels and then added he designed them himself, not only designed but carved them himself! I later learned he has a background as a fine-arts painter, which is evident in his great understanding of depth, contour, color and texture.

I love that he recognizes beauty in the uniqueness of every woman.


What is the inspiration for your book, Face To Face: Amazing New Looks and Inspiration from the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist and who is included in the book?

A. Being that About Face my first book was more of an introduction to makeup and a how-to; I wanted my second book to be about transformational makeup. Makeup can give you the power to be anyone and anything you want to be and I wanted it to be fun!

In the book Face to Face, special guests include Raquel Welch, Kelly Rowland, cover girl Kim Kardashian and more. 

One of the things I respect most about you is your aim to inspire women to discover what’s unique about themselves instead of trying to fit an image. What can a woman do to uncover her most confident self?

A. Taking care of yourself is the first step to being confident. Drinking water, working out and seeing a dermatologist to get the most beautiful skin you can will change your life. Find out what works for you and stick with it; makeup should be like that little black dress you have in your closet. Trends should be like an accessory that you add to your makeup wardrobe.

In your previous bestselling book About Face, you wrote, “feeling beautiful leads to self respect, self-respect leads to greater confidence and confidence commands attention,”
how do you think makeup empowers women instead of being a thing of vanity?

When a woman applies makeup to bring out her best features, it truly changes a woman’s energy. She looks at herself in the mirror and gets a completely different sense of confidence. Makeup can be used as a tool to her advantage.

You’ve been known to love the Maybelline’s Eyeliner Pencil, what other great products can be picked up at a drugstore?

A. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is an amazing moisturizer, Visine Total Soothing Eye Wipes clean the eye area and remove irritants from around the eye, Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara gives you instantly glam lashes.

You don’t always have to spend hundreds of dollars to look fabulous.

If a woman has only 15 minutes to get ready, what do you recommend she reach for in her makeup bag for a quick polished look?

A. Mascara, Lip Gloss and Body Bling.

If you have 15 minutes to get ready you must have a Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation too. It’s quick and easy to apply, and looks amazing.

Put some Maybelline Volum’ Express on your lashes, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 227 on your lips, apply Body Bling to your body and you’re ready to take on the world.

You can also check out my YouTube channel ScottBarnes TV where I go over every step on how to achieve a 15 minute office look.

In addition to your exciting new book, Face to Face what else do you have in store for the upcoming year?

A. I’m currently working on a couple of projects with the legendary Celine Dion. I also opened a private studio, Barnes & Galasso in West Hollywood, with my partner celebrity hairstylist Frank Galasso. We started teaching workshops and are having a great time meeting the new blood coming into the industry and sharing our knowledge and expertise. I am also currently working on a original television show which is very exciting, and last but of course not least my cosmetic line which will leave people speechless. 

Scott Barnes has over 100 magazine covers to his credit and has worked with A-list celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson to Beyonce.