Erin Deering: The Boss Babe Behind Triangl Swimwear

It’s not just the beauty of the ocean and beach that grabs people and doesn’t let go. The water and sand create their own culture for all their inhabitants, humans included. The brand Triangl has captured the cool aura of the beach in swimwear.

Triangl has made a splash worldwide since its debut. The vibe, design, and materials in the line enliven the standard bikini (and one piece). The company allows you to order the top and bottoms in separate sizes and has a reasonable price point. We spoke to the woman behind Triangl, Erin Deering, who made this innovative company take shape and made the world take notice in a very short amount of time.


What were your three most important steps to make Triangl a reality?


  1. Meeting my then boyfriend, now business partner/husband! He was the one who really drove the Triangl idea, right from our very second date!
  2. Moving from Australia to Hong Kong. It was crucial to be very close to our factory in the early stages. It made everything much easier to manage and really helped us focus on starting the business.
  3. Learning to let go of being so planned and controlled, In the early days, every day was completely different – and the direction you think you are going in can change, almost from day to day! Learning to be more adaptable was a critical step for me personally.

What interested you most about creating swimwear and how is the brand a reflection of who you are?

A. It was really simple in that I just couldn’t find a bikini I liked! I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a bikini, but I wanted something that was fashionable and great quality – which didn’t seem to exist in the market at that point.

Triangl is a bit of fun, I like that we are really accessible to most girls out there – in terms of the simple shapes we offer and the affordable price point. That’s always been my personal approach to fashion and I’m really proud to have it out there in the market.

There’s a common theme linking entrepreneurs; they all take a risk to put their idea in motion. What was the biggest risk you took?

A. Moving. Leaving our jobs and moving to Hong Kong. We really did risk everything and put it all on the line to start Triangl. It was terrifying, but luckily it worked out.

Your company has a very cool Instagram. There are so many colorful images that grab the imagination. What inspires you?

A. Craig and I are inspired by an endless summer! We constantly chase the sun, and spend all our spare time at the beach (yes, there are beaches in Hong Kong!). We love checking out what girls are wearing. We are always talking about the next move, the next step – and constantly bounce off each other with ideas. It could be as simple as a print we see on a girl walking down the street to a colour theme at a bar we go to.

How do you manage stress with all the demands in your life?

A. We try and eat very clean, healthy food. Lots of vegetables.

“When you are so busy all day, every day – you really notice how much harder it is to function when you have been eating junk food, or when you are hung-over. You can’t call in sick when it’s your business.”

What are your beach essentials?

A. We bought a bike so we could quickly sneak off for a few hours when the sun comes out here in Hong Kong. We grab some fresh salads, coconut water, our giant beach towels, and sunscreen and we’re set.

Why did you create category styles to shop by – cheeky bum, high waist, triangle, crop top, one piece etc.?

A. We like keeping our shapes very simple. We want girls to feel comfortable and not be overwhelmed with a choice of too many shapes.

What are 3 things you swear by?


Coconut Oil – for my body, and for cooking. I’m obsessed.

Sleep – a good night’s sleep is honestly the best thing ever these days

My MacBook – it means I can work from anywhere, beach included! 

Erin Deering and Craig Ellis are the creative team behind Triangl, which launched in 2012. The label offers effortlessly cool swimwear. The company ships worldwide.