4 Ways For Better Beauty Sleep


A silk pillowcase is a must for healthy hair and skin. Hairstylists and dermatologists have often recommended them. Not to mention, they just feel wonderful against the face.

There are a lot of silk pillowcases on the market, but we’ve found that some of them have rough silk fibers. It's best to splurge in this area. Below are easy ways to wake up from better beauty sleep.

Friends With Benefits (While You Sleep)

Silk Pillowcases:

Breathe-ability: Silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture – which in your case is perspiration – and still remain dry. Moisture gets wicked away for a comfortable sleep, and your hair looks great longer. This a plus for any woman dealing with night sweats.

Non-Irritating: Cotton pillowcases have a coarser texture that can cause hair to break, tangle and get frizzy as you toss your head or rub it against the pillowcase. Quality silk is made of smooth fibers, which don’t irritate your hair.

Silk fibers have a very similar structure to human hair, containing 97% amino acids and 3% waxy and fat fibers. This blend helps reduce hair damage, such as split ends.

Chemical-free: Cotton pillowcases are often produced from chemically treated crops. Silk is a chemical-free composition. Our absolute favorite brand is Manito pillowcases, which are 100% mulberry silk, with no chemical exposure.


Your Internal Healing System:

Remove cell phones, laptops, iPads and other electronics from the room before you go to sleep. These items when plugged in or connected to Wi-Fi, may disrupt the natural healing system within our bodies, and possibly increase the likelihood of degenerative diseases. The body can repair during the night when it’s spared expose to pollution, UV rays, chemicals, etc. Allow it to recharge properly.

Block Out Light:

Melatonin, the chemical which aids sleep, is released when the brain senses pure darkness. If you don’t have black-out curtains, a simple way to encourage this state is with a silk eye mask.

Repair Your Pout Overnight:

Applying a lip conditioner before turning out the lights is a must. We like BEAUTYCOUNTER'S Lip Conditioner in Calendula. Also, Elizabeth Arden's makeup artist staple is available in a fragrance-free version. A miracle worker, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant, helps heal dry, chapped, cracked skin. Apply it to your lips, hands and cuticles and wake up to soft skin.