2 Wands + 2 Different Formulas = 1 Mascara

pretty public MAC mascara

The Bold & Bad Lash Mascara from MAC gives you two wands with two different mascara formulas in one bottle. Untwist the red top cap to pull out the small mascara wand, used to define the lower lashes, and outer and inner corners of the top lashes. An added bonus, the small brush works with a smudge-free formula. Untwist the black cap to reveal a large brush to get a volumizing application of mascara for fuller, more dramatic lashes.

The Bold, Bad, Black color is a velvetly consistancy and made with of a lightweight formula that enhances lashes without weighing them down. It creates feathery, thick lashes that are so bad, they’re good.


  • Intense black pigment
  • Customize the application from volumizing to defining/lengthening
  • A dual-chamber mascara containing a brush for upper lashes, a brush for lower lashes
  • Two different formulas in one tube


Available at MAC Cosmetics stores and wherever MAC is sold. It can also be ordered online.