The Basecoat An A-List Manicurist Uses Every Single Time

A manicure that lasts awhile is really something to celebrate. A celeb manicurist uses Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat for every single manicure, on all her clients. Turns out the product, found at Sally Beauty Supply, is a staple for red carpet events and high glamour photoshoots.

Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat provides groundwork for longer-lasting color with a unique formula that creates a rubberized basecoat. The result is a basecoat that grips polish painted on following application. It prevents nail lacquer from wearing off and chipping.

Benefits & Results:

  • Rubberized formula grips polish to nail surface
  • Prevents nail color from chipping or wearing off


Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat is available at Sally Beauty Supply locations and on their online store.