The Only Tool You Need To Fake Perfect Brows

Our friend and brow specialist, Tonya Crooks, launched her own line of brow products called, The Brow Gal. Tonya is a perfectionist and she tweaked the line endlessly until it was exactly what she wanted. Her Skinny Eyebrow Pencils come in six shades. One side of the brow pencil has a one-turn sharpener to create a fine point. The other side is a spoolie to brush through your brows, once they are filled-in.

What’s original about this pencil is that it’s a denser, waxy formula, so it helps create the illusion of a natural full brow. Instead of being soft and powdery, the denser formula allows for precise hair-like strokes, to fill-in problem areas. To get perfect brows, Tonya recommends sharpening your brow pencil every time you use it, so the built-in sharpener makes life easy. This is the best brow pencil on the market.

Benefits and ingredients:

  • Perfect eyebrow shader
  • Emulates the look of real brows
  • Six shades
  • One turn sharpener
  • All-in-one eyebrow tool


Available for order online.